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Mr. Shakeel Abbas

Dr. Shakeel Abbas - Haq Orthopedic Hospital

Head of Department Physical Therapy

B.S.P.T (K.EM.U)

+92 42 37312860 to 63

18 Sanda Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Consultant Physiotherapist and Head of Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Haq Hospital, Lahore. For the last twenty years, Dr. Abbas, has displayed excellent professionalism in providing the essential services of physiotherapy that are required for any patient with orthopaedic ailments. Not only does this provide physical relief to patients, but they also feel mentally at ease after their treatment. He has managed to form a competent team male and female physical therapists, in order to provide indoor as well as outdoor physiotherapy facilities daily. He is attentive in his interaction with patients and patiently teaches every patient new physical therapy exercise and monitors their follow up progress. Due to his pleasant personality as well as impressive leadership and physiotherapy skills, Haq Hospital, has been able to ensure patient satisfaction throughout these years.