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Dr. Nabia Farhan

Dr. Nabia Farhan - Haq Orthopedic Hospital


(A.I.M.C) T.D.P.T (U.H.S)

+92 42 37312860 to 63

18 Sanda Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Consultant Physiotherapist at Haq Orthopeadic Hospital since 2014. She graduated as a physiotherapist from Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore. Due to her persistent hard work and impressive efforts, Haq Hospital, can proudly claim to provide services of physiotherapy separately for each gender i.e., a male physiotherapist caters to male patients and a female physiotherapist caters to female patients. Her knowledge about physical therapy is vast and her work ethic speaks volumes, due to which, she is a very competent physiotherapist at Haq Hospital