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Dr. Arif Tabassum

Dr. Arif Tabassum - Haq Orthopedic Hospital

Head of Anesthetist Department


+92 42 37312860 to 63

18 Sanda Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Head of Anaesthesia at Haq Orthopaedic Hospital, Lahore. Due to his remarkable professionalism and expertise, Haq Hospital can offer all forms of anaesthesia, to ensure that all surgeries are completely free of pain. The types of anaesthesia that are offered include: general, spinal, epidural and locoregional. He manages to provide adequate patient-controlled analgesia, proper documentation of each surgery and counselling before the procedures to ensure that every patient is confident as well as comfortable. He also welcomes any question that patients may have before procedures and goes out of his way to answer them in depth and with clarity. Adequate and safe anaesthesia, especially during surgeries like total knee and hip replacements, is key in improving recovery and rehabilitation of patients and Dr. Tabassum, is excellent in ensuring that.